Sunday, March 25, 2012

Went on my first long ride tonight, in months. Didn't leave until a little before 10pm and got back after 3am. It's was nice to have the paths and suburban streets, pretty much to myself.

I had a good time, but my bike has been bumming me out. It has proven to be pretty uncomfortable on long rides. The Mark V has more of a racing geometry than I care for and the frame is too big for me. It's pretty taxing to be so stretched out and it's definitely part of the source of my saddle problems.

Something isn't right with my drivetrain as well. Ever since I upgraded the rims and freewheel, it's been a beast to pedal (and far from smooth).

 I've decided that it's time for a new frame. I've been researching for a couple months and have set my sights on the All-City Nature Boy. I may change my mind, but it's at the top of the list right now.  I'm waiting for work to pick up, before I buy the frame. In the meantime, I've started collecting parts. Thankfully, I have a number of components hanging about that I've acquired over the years, so I don't have to buy everything. The Iro will then become the beater that it was originally meant to be. I already have some cheapies to replace the components that I'll be switching over to the new bike.

It's always exciting to be working on a new project and more than anything, I'm looking forward to the prospect of riding something more comfortable.

My eggbeaters arrived today

Shoes are on the way, thanks to a gift certificate that I had been saving.

Looking forward to ditching the backpack, for a saddlebag.

                                             Two examples of the Nature Boy

I highly doubt that I will be riding drops, but I don't think I'll use my riser or flat bars either. 
Time to investigate new handlebar options.